Thursday, 10 September 2015

The best frock ever

So, last week I had a lovely and massively decadent week. A trip to Wimbledon coupled with a trip to the races. My excitement was ridiculous, I was like a small child on Christmas day. Not only was I off to prance and quaff but a friend of ours was racing in an Amateur race – what a day! On the last blog post I may have mentioned I already had a frock lined up for this particular day out and what a dress it was. I think I’ve actually bought the best dress ever and finally snaffled an amazing bargain and when I wasn’t even looking for one.
On a recent trip to Age UK I was mainly looking for books for the kids for the summer holidays, I was just about to pay and something beautiful caught my eye. An emerald green mid length dress, hello what’s this? An L K Bennett dress in my size 12? Well, I grabbed it and literally ran to the changing rooms and low and behold it fitted. OMG! I have never been so happy (well I have obviously but that sort of kills the moment). I paid the £9 and skipped out of the shop leaving some rather bemused old ladies in my wake.
So here I was all ready for the races, well apart from a hat, handbag, jacket and scarf. So on Thursday off to the charity shops I ran and a quick snoop round the market to find a short white jacket. Cancer Research beckoned and whilst looking for a hat I found a lovely big blue handbag from TM Lewin for only £3. I didn’t even know they did handbags so this was a nice surprise. All I needed now was something to bring all the colours together. What could it be? Having not found any decent hats old or new, I ditched the idea and I figured a scarf would be the answer.  Happily I found a John Lewis one in the British Heart Foundation which had all the right colours! Now I make it sound like this all took place in the space of 20 minutes but it did actually take 2 hours but what a way to spend a Thursday morning!
So off I went to Ascot on a fabulous Friday. It was a great day out and my dress was perfect. I felt like a proper lady (but once I opened my mouth I was more Eliza before the transformation).  I didn’t win any money on the horses, our friend rode exceptionally well and I loved every minute.
Oh and did I mention that my frock would have cost £185 if I’d bought it new? Now I can definitely wear my smug face with pride.

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