Thursday, 10 September 2015

A bit of a swish

A few months ago a friend from Church asked if I would organise a coffee morning to coincide with Christian Aid week. A lovely thought and something I was more than happy to do but realised it needed to be a team effort / I needed to rope some other peeps in namely Jenny, Sophie, Marcie and Cathryn. Coffee mornings are all well and good but as I’m not really a fan of coffee and we quite fancied doing something a bit different - another fund raising idea was needed. 
Sophie and I had a swishing night for the launch of this blog and we had planned to have host another one so the idea of a charity swishing night was born. 
We set the date fro 11th June (better late than never), we invited our friends via Facebook and we were up and running! We borrowed rails, laminated signs (love it), kept it simple and got in some wine – perfect!
The night (Thursday) was really really good fun, it took a bit or sorting out to start with but once everyone started arriving and the rails (and the wine glasses) started to fill up it was clear it was going to be good. All of our lovely swishers brought something from trousers, bags, dresses, jewellery and the odd belt or two. It was all I could do not to put everything to one side for me but people did get a look in – honest! We had a changing room well our front room, a bit of an impromptu fashion show care of Caroline and Sophie (and me obvs) and we all gushed accordingly! I think everyone took something home – some more than others but once we had all had a good rummage there were clothes being snaffled left right and centre.  The swishers were very generous and donated for items that they took – happy fund raising. 
Even when the shopping appeared to be over, people would return to the rails and find the odd lovely top or perfect trousers. 
As with any calm, tame, dry swishing night it ended up being a bit of a late one and we had to kick some of closest friends out at 1 a.m. on a school night!
We raised a fab £145 on the night, which was far more than was expected. It was really good fun and combined two of my favourite thing – shopping and wine. What a great way to spend a great girlie night laughing and having fun.
Thanks to everyone who came, we have recovered (that’s me and my house) and the bits and bobs that didn’t get snaffled are off to the Salvation Army shop in the morning.  I have already worn one of my new tops and have a whole new outfit for a Saturday night on the town!

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