Thursday, 10 September 2015

Puerto Banus 2015

  1. Its a blue frock! 
  2. Cheers!
For those of you who know me, I may have mentioned once or twice that I was going on a girlie weekend to Puerto Banus last weekend. It was fab and the six of us had a really good weekend of Tia Maria, sunbathing, Sambuca and the mightly Linekers.
Now, quite a great deal of preparation went into this weekend, I had to think of my wardrobe, fake tan (I arrived browner than I departed), nails and defuzzing. The one thing that took the longest was the wardrobe planning. Puerto Banus is v flashy, lots of yachts, Ferraris, Mahoosive Range Rovers, Chloe, Dior and plenty of dolly birds. There’s not much chance of getting on a yacht, the nearest I got to a Ferrari was nearly getting knocked down by one and by the age of 40 I am well past being a dolly bird. I was keen to feel at home amongst the wealth so I obviously decided to get as many of my clothes as I could from charity shops – I’m so funny and ironic.
Initially I was going to get everything but soon realised that purchasing white jeans in February is a little tricky, second hand Swimming cossie’s are a absolute no for me ditto for knickers. I have too many shoes already so I didn’t splurge on any new ones (well apart from a sneaky pair of Haviana’s – my summer staple).
All the dresses I wore were from Charity shops and yes that same old smug feeling came over me as I glided down past the yachts in my £2 frock.
In the end I had some fab M&S palazzo trousers, a French Connection denim jacket, three frocks, a green top, a green day dress all for about £30. Not bad!
I was v pleased with how one charity shop dress turned out, I bought a white Marilyn Monroe style halter neck dress ages ago as it was only £1 so I thought it might come in handy. I then had an epiphany and thought why not dye it! I love Royal Blue so I put it in the washer with some Dylon dye (this cost £8 which is a bit steep but worked brilliantly!) and after a worrying hour where my washer went exceptionally blue, I had a fab new blue dress! The stitching had stayed white which was a brucey bonus.
Anyway, you can be the judge of whether I pulled of holiday chic or not. I felt ace and had a fab time, same again next year? I think so x

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