Thursday, 10 September 2015

  1. My Oxfam find x
  2. Its not all about me you know...
     When I go charity shopping, I’m pretty much always looking for something for me. Selfish I know but my kids have lots of toys and plenty of clothes, I tend to wait till we go on our “holiday rummage” to get them what they see as a little treat or two. I do look after my gorgeous little God Daughter Beth every couple of weeks and we often head to different Charity shops on our girlie mornings. I think my friend Cathryn despairs in the regular return from the shops with another pink stuffed toy or more books or tops. I suppose I feel like I’m treating her, its not expensive but I’m slowly becoming know as the one who buys the teddies– a bad trait – absolutely and I love it!
    I do love buying second hand books, both for the kids and for me. I remember the moment I found a whole set of reading books which were the perfect reading level for my son. To buy them full price would have been a fortune but to get them from the British Heart Foundation shop was a dream. I always but my chick lit from charity shops, it just makes sense to me.
    One of my best buys was a rather battered book which really caught my eye. It was in one of my unusual forays into Oxfam and was in what they call their “vintage” section. It was a book of watercolour pictures of Oxford, I bought it for my friend Suzy who went to University there. We have got to a stage in life where buying gifts is getting tricky as we are apparently “a nightmare to buy for”. She loved it, there was a photo of her college and plenty of others and she was delighted! I did have that moment when I thought this is it, this book is indeed a rare treasure worth thousands!! I googled the book and found that rather than being a one off, you can buy the same book in better condition for the same amount of money. So sadly my trip to Sotherby’s will be on hold for now…

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