Friday, 2 October 2015

Can clothes make you grumpy?

A bit of a random question but one that dawned on me the other day whilst winding myself up into a proper mood. We are in the midst of a marvellous Indian summer, which I love and loathe at the same time. Every year I do the same thing (I really should learn), at the end of August I decide that summer is indeed over and all my summer clothes are going away back into the loft and the jumpers are coming out. I say goodbye to with a wistful sigh to my strappy tops, floaty skirts and summer dresses only to replace them with knitted jumpers, boots and a plethora of dresses – all v warm. The only thing that stays are my trusty flip flops of which I have a fair few pairs. I must admit that being able to keep them going for a few more days is ace! I wonder if I’m the only one who is struggling to fit my summer feet back into shoes and if I’m the only one in agony by the end of a day in ballerina flats?

So when the sun started shining and the temperature headed for the high teens I found myself in a proper old pickle, I can’t wear my autumn stuff, as I will be boiling and annoyed. But then all the summer stuff is away and lets face it, it’s a bit fresh for a maxi dress. What to do? So I head for tops and jeans, but here again is another problem I can’t quite fit into them – horror mc horror I nearly got the January jeans out! I did try to squeeze into a pair of black jeans that are a little snug to say the least. I’ve spent most of today (Tuesday) pulling them up, wriggling them around and basically trying to retain my muffin top inside the waistband – not a pretty thought. This, along with the fact I was hot and a bit sweaty made me rather irritable. I must admit I may have lapsed into “mardy mother mode” and wasn’t quite the patient, kind and thoughtful mother it is suggested we all should be. And all because I put on the wrong bloody jeans!!! Who would have thought an item of clothing could have such an impact?

I’m writing this in my trackies, hoody and I am happily shoeless. I couldn’t be in a better place (well apart from Sky Sports babbling away in the background) and feel like a different person. I might just make this my new every day wardrobe although I think my 6-year-old daughter may have an opinion or two on it…

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